The Most “Secure” Job You’ll Ever Have!

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Jack felt sure numerous top-tier job offers would be banging on his door now that he completed his MBA. He had worked so hard packing his resume with good grades, service activities, previous jobs and internships, and of course, an all-star cast of references. He was also secretly counting on his network of fraternity brothers and his Tom Cruise good looks as “icing on the cake.”

When no great offers came forth, he aggressively hit the phones and streets in pursuit of his fast track to the top. He was a tad embarrassed when he accepted a low-level sales job, but knew he could prove himself. After only six months, though, his company was bought out and his department eliminated. Back in the hunt, he found another position in a different state that lasted 18 months before the economy forced them to cut back too.

Now, twelve years later, Jack felt like a rag doll being jerked in every direction. He had tried real estate, insurance, even day trading thinking he would hit his jackpot any day now. His quest to attain the comfortable and secure “American Dream” had morphed into a nightmare of financial stress for him and his now burgeoning family.

Jack’s story is not unlike the multitude of men and women who live and work near us—and sometimes even support us! They believed their college degree, hard work, and the supposedly unbreakable U.S. economy would guarantee the long-term stability they yearned for. But now, decades later, feeling beat and betrayed, they would laugh out loud at the concept of “job security,” declaring it to be a cruel mirage instead.

Several times during the 22 years we have lived and ministered on support, I remember being offered different jobs, including one that would have paid me four times what I was currently receiving. My dad was flabbergasted that I would not even consider the position (read: big salary!), but instead would choose to labor on with my seemingly small and fixed level of support. What my businessman father did not understand was that I, in fact, possessed the most secure job anywhere on the planet…

Now, don’t get me wrong. Our “security” comes from God—and God alone. But, humanly speaking, that esteemed executive position with a corner office, silver nameplate, and six digit salary is like the fescue seed I scattered in my yard yesterday. It can vanish at the first wisp of a wind! BUT, I feel totally different about my support team. Consider this: God has given me sixty monthly (and thirty annual) supporters who live in different parts of the country and work in various sectors of the economy. Similar to a stock broker’s advice, it’s wise to have a diversified “portfolio”. i.e. If the economy is hammering my northeast supporters, my west coast givers are probably doing better and want to share. If my donors in banking need to cut back for a year or two, my partners in the energy industry may be pouring extra funds into my account.

Application #1: If you will simply appreciate and communicate with your supporters over the long haul, they will stick with you through thick and thin, whether you are with this organization or move to another.

Application #2: Do you have people who hesitate to make the jump from their “secure” secular job and monthly paycheck to join your ministry and raise their “unsecured” support? Help them rethink their perspective. Taking that step may be the most stable, steady, secure thing they’ve ever done!


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