Are you ready to take the next step and facilitate your own Bootcamp? With a Facilitator Membership, you can equip your staff and help create a culture of a fully funded ministry. As a certified Facilitator, you will have access to exclusive resources and training opportunities, like Bootcamp in a Box and free registration to the Support Raising Leaders Conference.

Your Membership Benefits
Required Qualifications
  • Must participate fully in a public SRS Bootcamp (within last 18 months)
  • Must currently live and minister on personally raised support
  • Must be endorsed by your organization’s leadership
  • Attend an SRS Facilitator Training and register for your Facilitator Membership
  • To maintain certification, must attend the Support Raising Leaders Conference
  • To maintain certification, must attend a public SRS Bootcamp every 18 months

Become a Certified Facilitator


For non US passport holders, special pricing and qualification is possible.
For more information, please contact

Next Training: July 20-22, 2022 in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Registration closes June 15th at 11:59 pm central

Membership Benefits
Facilitator Training
Through our practical hands-on training, you will develop your skills as a facilitator and learn all the elements of hosting and leading an SRS Bootcamp. You will be certified in training your staff to reach full support and stay fully funded.
SRS Bootcamp
SRS Bootcamp is a two-day workshop designed to help you succeed in training and equipping your staff. Not only do we provide everything you and your staff need for Bootcamp, we also walk you through the process.
Support Raising Leaders Conference
Come be encouraged and equipped by keynote speakers, informative workshops, and interactive panels on best practices to help recruits overcome the fear of support raising. You will learn how to establish a fully funded culture in your ministry. Learn More.

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