Millennials and MPD: What I Have Learned Coaching New Staff in Support Raising

Lysa, a young capable woman who loves Jesus and wants to serve Him overseas, joined our staff several years ago after college. She had never raised support, but was trained well. She plodded along among her college friends and home church with 3-5 appointments per week for several months, but was still only at about 10% of her goal. We had a deadline coming up in less than two weeks that required her to be at 80% of her actual (not pledged) support goal. If she did not make this, none of the rest of the team would launch and […]

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Should I Consider an End of Year Campaign?

Research published by Charity Navigator found that at least 30% of all charitable giving in the U.S. happens during the month of December, with 12% of donations posted during the last three days of the year. Some missionaries report that 40% of their annual support comes in during December. So why should you consider an end of year campaign? Because people are planning to be generous!  Key Elements of an End of Year Campaign A Unifying Theme A Key Story A Visionary Ask A Funding Goal A Tangible Outcome  A Way to Respond  Develop a Unifying Theme and Key Story  […]

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It’s Time to Get Personal

If you are a new missionary raising support or a veteran missionary living on support, there is an important time of year quickly approaching I wanted to remind us of. There are more charitable donations given between November and December than any other two months in the year. Check out these statistics from Nearly one third (31%) of annual giving occurs in December. 53.8% of nonprofits start planning their year-end appeal in October. 28% of nonprofits raise 26–50% of their annual funds from their year-end ask. 59.9% of nonprofits make between 1-3 donor “touches” for their year-end campaign. We […]

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Year-End Giving – Hype or Help?

The emphasis on year-end giving by non-profits in the U.S. continues to grow every year. Our mailboxes, whether physical or email, seem to be a bit more crowded with requests during the holiday season. Is year-end giving simply hype? Does it take advantage of, or manipulate people? Or, is it truly helpful? We are bombarded by appeals for money (at least I am!). Should we also make appeals? There is certainly a natural and good incentive for U.S. donors to give by midnight December 31st each year. Tax incentives are helpful. Deadlines are helpful. How do we handle that well, without […]

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Howard owns a successful real estate company buying and managing office buildings. Consequently, he has a steady stream of individuals laying out for him “can’t miss” investment opportunities, attempting to convince him to lay down the big bucks to help finance their ten story condo project. The answer is almost always “no”. But Julia, a 30 year old single girl heading into missions, presented a different kind of project to Howard—and he was fascinated. Julia had met him at church and called for an appointment. When she shared her presentation with Howard, asking for his investment dollars, it had a […]

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The Top Five Steps to Significant End of the Year Gifts

30-40% of my total personal support comes in during a particular 30 day period each year. Can you guess when? Yes, December. I’m hoping you’re not just eating turkey and decorating Christmas trees during this season. Don’t miss this strategic opportunity each year to pour massive amounts of fuel and strength into your financial engines. What you do the final month of each year will have profound impact on your whole upcoming year of ministry. Finishing well is the key to launching well! Here are five steps you can take to plan your work and work your plan: 1. Get Started! Begin […]

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