April 2019 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Apr 30, 2019
1:00 pm CT
Corrie Guckenberger: Weary Coach: Differentiating Between the Burden and the Load

There is potential for any Ministry Partner Development coach to wear many hats- from the hat of encouragement to the hat of statistics and numbers or of best practices and problem solving. The MPD coach can also wear the hat of mentoring in ministry and discipleship. Each one of these roles is a gift for us to walk into and alongside, however there are moments this load can become a burden if we don’t recognize the differences between our role, the role of the On-boarder, and the role of Jesus. Corrie Guckenberger will be sharing, through her 14 years of experience, the highs and lows of coaching and how to best manage self-care as you offer care to others.

Corrie Guckenberger,
Ministry Partner Development Manager,
Back2Back Ministries
Corrie is on staff with Back2Back Ministries for 14 years and has lived internationally for seven years, in Monterrey, MX and Jos, Nigeria. She is currently in Cincinnati, OH, working at Back2Back’s US Office. She helped start the Ministry Partner Development role within her organization. She views the coaching aspect of her role to be a perfect environment for discipleship and loves how the Lord uses relationship to strengthen and prepare future missionaries.

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