June 2021 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Jun 29, 2021
1:00 pm CT
Meghan Craig: Leading Change: Stewarding Us and Them Well

You notice there are things that need to change within your organization, but as you look around, you realize you’re the one to step up and do it. How do you lead change and steward those that are navigating the change themselves? Join Meg Craig with Texas Baptist Student Ministries as she shares what it takes to lead change and care for others in the process.

Meghan Craig,
Campus Minister and Ministry Partner Development Coach,
Texas Baptist Student Ministries
Meg Craig serves as a Campus Minister and Ministry Partner Development Coach for Texas Baptist Student Ministry (TXBSM), a campus ministry movement on over 120 college campuses, where she is helping shift the culture from budget-driven to vision-driven. Meg has been raising her own support since 2016 where she has planted two campus ministries as well as trains and coaches new BSM staff who are raising their own salary. Meg functions best in the sun. If you leave her indoors too long she wilts.

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