February 2018 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Feb 27, 2018
1:00 pm CT
Schuyler Francine: Finances on the Field: Choosing a Missionary Banking Partner

Have you every tried to buy a car by pulling out your maximum ATM withdrawal for 10 days in a row, or setup a wire transfer to your landlord from Nairobi who lives in London? Missionaries living internationally face issues like these often, and most banks cannot handle these issues well. While banking issues are often left to the finance team, support raising coaches are often the first point of contact when missionaries are determining their budgets, and helping them get started with the right banking solution can save them from many headaches down the road. Our friends at Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) will identify the special features ministry workers may need, and how their solutions are custom built for the ministry community.

Schuyler Francine,
Relationship Manager,
Schuyler (or “Sky”, a name he also goes by to help with pronunciation) grew up in Southern California and graduated from Wheaton College (IL) in 1987. In 2001 he joined Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) as a Relationship Manager and has worked with ministries across the country and literally around the world with their banking and cash management needs. At ECCU Schuyler focuses on serving the needs of mission agencies, foreign entities as well as the over 4000 missionary customers. Schuyler is married to Heather and has two children, one son in college locally and a high school daughter eager to go away to college! They currently reside in Southern California.

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