April 2020 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Apr 28, 2020
1:00 pm CT
Corrie Guckenberger: Coaching as a Deep Breath

Support raising, for the Onboarder, can be a season of juggling lots of responsibilities while trying to learn to manage the stress of meeting your ministry’s expectations, your own expectations and keeping your eyes on Jesus to stay spiritually healthy. This initial season also has the potential to be foundational in the rest of the staff’s ministry career. Join Corrie Guckenberger as she walks through her coaching moments with her staff. She desires to encourage staff and help set them up for success in their next stage of ministry. She will share specifics on her talking points and how we, as coaches, can create an atmosphere that allows our Onboarders to take a ‘deep breath’ when they meet with us and keep their eyes on Jesus.

Corrie Guckenberger,
Ministry Partner Development Manager,
Back2Back Ministries
Corrie is on staff with Back2Back Ministries for 14 years and has lived internationally for seven years, in Monterrey, MX and Jos, Nigeria. She is currently in Cincinnati, OH, working at Back2Back’s US Office. She helped start the Ministry Partner Development role within her organization. She views the coaching aspect of her role to be a perfect environment for discipleship and loves how the Lord uses relationship to strengthen and prepare future missionaries.

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