Is SRS Foundations
Right for Your Organization?

SRS has taken the 30-40 hour preparation component of the SRS Bootcamp and created a separate online guided learning course for SRS Network members to utilize. We have enhanced the course to include some of our SRS Bootcamp role-playing videos, linked articles for more information, additional lessons on gaining referrals, and more!

From anywhere in the world, recruits and staff learn through training videos, extensive Bible study, and instructions on creating the tools for support raising. Because we believe so much in live training, SRS Foundations is designed to accompany a ministry’s in-house training or serve as a refresher course for veteran staff. SRS Foundations alumni receive a $25 discount on a public SRS Bootcamp if they desire to go through our training in lieu of, or in addition to your organization’s training.

SRS Foundations is not for…

  • Short-term project fundraising
  • Ministries that do not provide additional, live support raising training (If this is your ministry- you need SRS Bootcamp!)

SRS Foundations is for…

  • Ministries that already have an extensive live training for new staff, but desire for their staff to come prepared so that the live training can be spent synthesizing, processing, and role-playing.
  • Ministries that want their veteran staff to go through a refresher course that revisits the biblical convictions involved in personal support raising and helps them systematically think through their strategy and tools.
  • Ministries that want candidates to actively process and prepare for personal support raising before being accepted and completing more extensive training.

Why is live training in addition to SRS Foundations so important to us?

We surveyed 100 alumni who had been through the online preparation, as well as our version of live training, SRS Bootcamp. Of those 100,

  • 86% said the SRS Bootcamp (our live training) was needed on top of the preparation.
  • 83% said they wanted as much initial training as they could get.

As you can see, the vast majority of respondents felt that live training, in addition to online training, is crucial to the formation of a new perspective, discipline, and lifestyle of personal support raising. Here’s what some of them had to say:

  • “The live interaction was absolutely needed. Mental and intellectual growth about fundraising is one thing, but the role plays were needed to provide accountability to practice and improve.”
  • “I think the live training is incredibly valuable, and I’d hate for people to miss it.”
  • “I think the role plays and live interactions with people are absolutely crucial to integrating all of the helpful information that is done in the preparation homework. I know for myself it would have been easy to have a head full of knowledge, but actually integrating and articulating that to people is the next step that I needed those meetings to work on!”
  • “In-person interactions complete the training—people will choose a cheaper online option, but will not realize how much they are missing by only watching videos and typing. We have issues getting busy volunteers to attend “live training” for our ministry as well—but in-person interaction is crucial. It puts the muscle on the bones!”

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