“Why would anyone want to support me?”

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“Why would anyone want to support me?” 

In my early days of fundraising, that statement was a great summary of my attitude toward MPD. Have you tried to lead anyone to support raising success who was stuck in this mindset?

Today I’d be more likely to say, “Why wouldn’t people support me?”

So what changed in me, and how can you help bring about a shift in your support raisers’ perspectives?

I Didn’t Know What I Was Doing or Why

If I’m completely honest about my early days, I’d say I didn’t really know what I was doing or why. I didn’t have a clear calling–or at least I didn’t know how to communicate my love for students and what I sensed God wanted me to do.

Also, I was confused and distracted by my emotions about MPD. I was insecure about how I’d be viewed and received regarding fundraising. This insecurity bled into my ability to accomplish ministry and be part of God’s work. Was I really hearing from God? What if this was just all “me doing what I wanted to do”? What if no student ever responded to my evangelism efforts? What if my Bible studies bombed and after a few weeks every student dropped out?

I didn’t “see” what I was doing, nor did I realize the incredible and sobering work God was inviting me into! Because I didn’t know what I was doing, I had no compelling motivation to invite anyone to join me.

Now I See

Wrestling through the process of MPD and my ministry on campus, God began to change and grow me.  I began to really “see” what I was doing. I wasn’t just trying to initiate spiritual conversations with students or get them to read the Bible and memorize verses. These were all good things, but my what and my why went so much deeper. I realized I was ultimately changing what eternity would look like! The incredible power of the gospel- it has been entrusted to me, and I have been invited to directly shape the destiny of souls!

As that perspective sank in, I became more excited and courageous about ministry…and my funding. I got captivated by the vision of what God has called me to do. Oh boy, what a glorious opportunity–one definitely worthy of partnership!

“Why wouldn’t people partner with me?”

I remember asking a fellow ethnic minority staff, who also struggled with MPD but had experienced a major breakthrough, for his secret. His answer: “I guess I wanted to get back on campus so bad that I didn’t want my fear of MPD to get in the way.”

My friend’s love for students and living out the calling and vision God had given him moved him to embrace MPD.

God did a similar work in my life. As He refined and sharpened my vision, the more I got excited about MPD. I’m not just raising money so I can have a full budget. Far from it.

I get to change eternity! Souls are being lost daily, and countless students are longing for Christ’s perfect love. The Great Commission is actually happening. My work on campus is needed and vital.

So why wouldn’t people partner with me in seeing this vision fulfilled?

Eye-opening Coaching

Are your staff asking why anyone would support their meager, faltering ministry?

Or are they wondering how anyone could say no to partnering with the immense opportunity the Lord has laid out for them?

Do they have a God-sized view of the eternal work they are a part of? You may need to lead them up to a high point and help them gain perspective.

And once they know their “why,” role play to make sure they are able to clearly communicate this vision when inviting partners.

Help your support raising staff clarify a compelling vision that will motivate them in ministry and drive them towards full funding.


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