January 2021 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Jan 26, 2021
1:00 pm CT
Amy Young: Support Raising, Soul Care, and the Story You Secretly Believe

Too often we give the “right” answer out loud and stuff what we actually believe when it comes to our story and support raising. We cling to false stories of how things are supposed to be and somehow end up missing the generous abundance of God. Join Amy Young as she will look at 7 core stories you (and those you work with) believe when it comes to support and the ways those stories impact your soul. The stories we tell ourselves about God and support have far reaching ripples. Once you are familiar with the seven stories, you can listen for them in those that you work with and counter them with a better version. Caring for our souls often is as simple as listening to a better story told by the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

Amy Young,
Auther and Founder,
Global Trellis
Amy Young is a writer, speaker, and advocate for embracing the messy middle of your one glorious life. She co-founded the online community Velvet Ashes and founded Global Trellis which provide spiritual and professional development to cross-cultural workers where they are (no travel needed!). Amy also helps cross-cultural workers flourish where God has called them by regularly blogging for Velvet Ashes, A Life Overseas, and China Source. When Amy first raised support in 1992 for a summer short term trip little did she know that she was entering a life time of raising support. In 1995 Amy raised support to spend two years in China. Two years turned into 18 as she transitioned her supporters from one assignment to another (including a three year stint back in the US paying for an MA). She has built a support team that has lived up to every aspect of “support” by nearly dying, changing jobs, and started two organization. She believes so much in strong relationship between missionary and support she wrote Enjoying Newsletters: How to Write Christian Communications People Want to Read.

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