October 2018 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Oct 30, 2018
1:00 pm CT
Jeff Grams: Standardized vs Buffet Approach to Support Raising Training

Journey with Jeff as he shares how God has called him to be a change-agent for his organization. After attending the Support Raising Leaders Conference in October 2016 alone, to having 5 additional staff join him at the Support Raising Leaders Conference in February 2018, including the President and COO, Jeff will share how the DNA culture is starting to shift within his ministry. Jeff will also share some of the challenges of changing training from decentralized to a more centralized approach. Jeff says… “My hope is that I can be a source of hope and encouragement for the smaller organization that is wondering how to get started.”

Jeff Grams,
Staff Development/MPD Director and Coach,
Timber Bay
Timber Bay is an organization of dedicated, professional youth workers committed to personal, ongoing mentorship for at-risk youth. Having worked in the grocery business for 29 years, Jeff was called into ministry in 2007, Jeff worked at Timber Bay Camp & Retreat Center as the Operations Director until 2015. Being called to work on the front lines of his ministry for a couple of years as outreach staff in the town of Forest Lake, MN, Jeff has recently been named the MPD Director for his organization to help encourage his staff to be spiritually healthy, vision driven and fully supported. Jeff has been married to Tami for 36 years, have two children, both married, and 4 amazing grandkids.

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