December 2017 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Dec 19, 2017
1:00 pm CT
Lori Joiner: Maximizing Your Time as an MPD Coach

The workload of an MPD coach can become extremely daunting when assessing the needs of hundreds of staff struggling with low support and new staff needing to be launched each year. There seems to be no end to people’s MPD needs and not enough time to help everyone well. What’s a coach to do!?! Lori Joiner will be sharing practical ways to not only be an effective MPD coach helping hundreds of staff reach full support, but also LOVE YOUR JOB!!! She will specifically focus on maximizing your time by group coaching, recruiting and training other coaches, have a huge (25+) MPD Summer project, and a few extra tidbits to put time back in your calendar and peace back in your life.

Lori Joiner,
Discipleship Coach,
Lori Joiner Ministries
Lori Joiner served with Cru for 21 years where she gained extensive experience in evangelism, discipleship, directing women’s ministries, and cross cultural ministry. During her time as an MPD Director she recruited and trained 9 MPD coaches and served on Cru’s national MPD leadership team. She is the co-author of It Takes Two with Nancy Dickens that emphasizes the importance of couples working together on MPD. She is also the creator of the CRU MPD Bootcamp Virtual Summer Project and now serves as a speaker and consultant among various organizations in MPD. Lori can be contacted through her website:

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