August 2015 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Aug 25, 2015
1:00 pm CT
David Flynn: How to Manage Yourself During Support Raising and Long-Term Team Maintenance

If a support raiser is working full time with laser focus to get fully funded, how does he or she manage time and priorities? Dave Flynn will talk about the art of balance during support raising and how to identify unhealthy habits. You will also learn best practices to retain and care for your support team for the long haul.

David Flynn,
Latin American Regional Team Leader,
Center for Mission Mobilization
David Flynn is the Team Leader for Center for Mission Mobilization's Latin American Regional Team. He was the chief architect of the revamped SRS Bootcamp. He supervised the Spanish translation of the SRS Bootcamp, and helped plan or facilitate several Bootcamps so far in Spanish, including live virtual ones. He has been living and thriving on support for over 20 years. David and his wife are currently living in Lima, Peru and have three children and three grandchildren.

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