March 2022 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Mar 29, 2022
1:00 pm CT
Jesse Lane: How to Develop the Skill of Micro-Storytelling

Attention spans are short.
Our stories, newsletters and videos must be concise and pack a punch.
Otherwise, TL;DR happens.
I’m surprised you are still reading this!
We live in a world of TikToks, Insta Reels, tweets, and short clips. How do we adapt but still tell the full story of what God is doing? Micro-storytelling is more important than ever. Join Jesse Lane in this webinar to practice your skills and learn how to get your story out.

Jesse Lane,
Branches Mission Lab and goodmakerU
Jesse Lane, founder of Branches Mission Lab and goodmakerU, has worked in the nonprofit and ministry space for 12 years and helped raise over $100 million. Through his work Jesse has helped thousands of ministries grow their reach, raise more money, and have greater impact. Jesse is passionate about making Jesus famous in all nations and lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife and three daughters.

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