May 2017 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
May 30, 2017
1:00 pm CT
Gabe Buchholtz: Helping Your Staff Get to 100% By Asking for Increases

Why have staff members contact their current donor partners and ask them to increase their giving when they can spend time on other support raising ideas? Join Gabe Buchholtz as he explores some assumptions about current donors and presents reasons why staff may not want to ask for an increase gift. Gabe will also layout an overall strategy and some ideas on how to get feedback from the “ask”.

Gabe Buchholtz,
International Representative,
FamilyLife Global
Gabe Buchholtz works on the FamilyLife Global Team as an International Representative. Gabe and his wife, Nancy live in Little Rock, AR and have been married 35 years. They have three grown children, plus two daughter-in-laws and two grandchildren, Cate 2.5 years and Caleb, 5 months. They have served with FamilyLife for 27 years as volunteers, associate staff and full time staff. They have raised up a team of financial partners over the past 17 years.

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