September 2015 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Sep 29, 2015
1:00 pm CT
Lisa Freyenberger: How to Develop Conditions to Maintain Being Fully Funded

Drawing from 10 years of experience of support raising, Lisa will share habits and principles that have created good soil that God has used to provide a long lasting support team. Lisa will focus in on the importance of having a network of people, good training and tools, and discipline. To make space for these practices, she believes organizational policies, accountability, and communication are key.

Lisa Freyenberger,
Operations Director,
All Nations
Lisa serves as Operations Director for All Nations, a sending and training organization focused on making disciples and training leaders to ignite church planting movements among the neglected people of earth. She is also involved in efforts to reach refugees in the Kansas City area. She previously served with Frontier Ventures for over a decade in the Perspectives Study Program, as Director of Programs, and on the Operations team. She has had a solid team of ministry partners throughout her ministry career.

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