August 2021 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Aug 31, 2021
1:00 pm CT
Abbie Uno-Keel: Giving to Missions: Approaching Churches About This “New” Concept

The white majority culture church across most parts of the United States and in parts of Western Europe has a long established history of giving to missions and missionaries. However, giving to individual missionaries can still be a new and unfamiliar practice for many churches around the world (Asian/Asian American, African/African American, Latin American or Hispanic churches, for example). Although each community and its church(es) will have their own uniquenesses, we invite you to join Abbie Keel from Cru in exploring some guiding principles in how to approach various churches in culturally appropriate and effective ways to invite them into partnership in the Gospel.

Abbie Uno-Keel,
Director of Training for Ministry Partner Development,
Abbie Uno-Keel is a missionary kid who grew up in Central and Western Europe before returning to the US for college. She and her husband, Jason, met overseas while teaching. On their return to the US, they spent seven years in church college ministry before joining staff full-time with Cru in 2013 to serve as educators in Asia. Currently, Abbie serves as the Director of Training for Ministry Partner Development in Cru. Abbie, Jason, and their three teenagers live in the metro Atlanta area.

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