September 2020 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Sep 29, 2020
1:00 pm CT
Paul Cox: End-of-Year Ask Begins Now! – Your Privilege and Responsibility to Those You Lead and Coach

It is a constant struggle to help your staff be forward thinking and plan ahead in their MPD strategies. Too often it can happen that it’s late November and your staff are only just starting on their year-end appeal. Join Paul Cox, Cru/FamilyLife Manager of Mobilization, as he presents a plan for you, as leaders and coaches, for how to mobilize your staff Sept-Dec 4 to an effective year-end ask.

Paul Cox,
Manager of Mobilization,
Paul and his wife Dawn joined Cru staff in 2015 after a fifteen-year career at a smaller mission agency based in Indianapolis. For almost 20 years Paul and Dawn have cultivated and loved on their ministry partners who have generously followed their ministry through giving from their service in Madrid, Spain to Indianapolis to Little Rock and now Orlando, FL. In addition to their full-time roles, they serve as volunteer coaches for new staff at FamilyLife.

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