July 2022 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Jul 26, 2022
1:00 pm CT
Mark Bartek: Creating the Winnable Game: Developing the MPD Players Scoreboard

You have probably heard it said: “what you measure you manage.” This is true within coaching for support raising as well. How can individuals and leaders make effective use of scoreboards and other tools to help support raisers stay focused on the most important activities that will yield the needed results? But what are the elements of an effective scoreboard? What is the difference between lead and lag measures? How does a leader put a tracking system in place that won’t make their people feel they are being distrusted or spied upon? Join Mark Bartek with FOCUS as he provides a vision for and practical approaches to building effective scoreboards that will help advance support raising for individuals and organizations.

Mark Bartek,
Sr. Director of Mission Partner Development,
Mark Bartek is the Sr. Director of Mission Partner Development for FOCUS( Fellowship of Catholic University Students). Since 2006, Mark has been serving in a variety of leadership roles for the mission. For the past 3 years leading the personal support raising efforts for nearly 1000 full time staff and advancing individual MPD levels by nearly 20% after 2 years. Mark Lives in Lakewood, CO with his beautiful wife Angie and 8 children.

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