April 2015 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Apr 28, 2015
1:00 pm CT
Ellis Goldstein: How to Coach Staff to Get to 100%

Cru is well-known in the ministry sphere for their Ministry Partnership Development and being well funded. Ellis Goldstein leads this division of Cru and will go through how to coach your staff to be fully funded. You will learn about expectations, goals, encouraging staff to broaden their contacts, growing their vision, and setting up good accountability.

Ellis Goldstein,
Director of Ministry Partner Development,
Ellis Goldstein is a Jewish believer who met his Messiah at Penn State University. He has a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. Since 1973 he has served as a staff member with Cru and has lived on personally raised support. Ellis and his wife, Karen, live in Orlando, Florida. His first 18 years of ministry were in New England where he helped pioneer new campus ministries. He also served in a leadership capacity for the northeast helping staff members raise their personal support. From 1991 to 2020, he served as Cru’s first U.S. director of Ministry Partner Development and was responsible for the support development for Cru staff members serving in the United States and internationally. His current role is Cru’s Ministry Partner Development Specialist and Consultant. Ellis has trained over 14,000 missionaries with Cru and many other missions agencies in the United States and overseas. He consults with Christian organizations to help them create fund development training for their missionaries. His driving passion is to equip and inspire Christian workers to be Christ-centered, fully funded, and financially faithful.

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