April 2021 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Apr 27, 2021
1:00 pm CT
Bryan and Stefanie Nicholson: Church Partnerships: Why Your Staff Need Them and How to Help Them Get Them

The opportunities of ministry are endless and oftentimes beyond the scope of training therefore the need for help is constant. Having intentional partnerships with our sending churches allows us to receive greater care, support and resources while at the same time allowing the church body to be a part of the work, both near and far. Discover the importance and power of intentional relationships between churches and missionaries as we dive into Church Partnerships. Join Bryan & Stefanie Nicholson as they share how partnerships can open the doors for better community, connection, care and continued workers joining the field with a simple, but specific invite.

Bryan and Stefanie Nicholson,
Founder & Director,
Here2There Ministries
Bryan and Stefanie Nicholson lead Here2There Ministries, a church partnership organization that focuses on the relationships between churches and their missionaries. The Nicholsons are based out of Jacksonville, Florida, where they spend as much time at the beach as possible. They enjoy traveling, sports, trying new foods, time with family and a good lazy day on the sofa. Collectively they have been living by faith and raising support for over 20 years and have benefited from the SRS resources and bootcamps to help them constantly work on their 'fully-funded' goals. They love helping churches actively engage their church body to be a part of their mission vision and enjoy watching the partnerships thrive!

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