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Scripture commands us to love everyone. Right? But I don’t see where it says we have to like them! I believe enjoying someone is the greatest compliment you can pay anyone—including God. For instance, do you have to do a quiet time this morning, checking off the obligatory box on your dreaded daily “to do” list? I’m sure that really impresses the Lord! But, what if you wanted to spend time with God because you truly enjoy Him? Would that make a difference—for both of you?

Let’s apply that concept to our supporters; that we start to connect with them from the want to, not just the ought to! Start to pray that God will give you a genuine “like” for your supporters, that you and they can enjoy one another—and that they would sense it. Would that make a difference? I say a resounding “YES”! Here are five secrets to how you can begin to view your donors as genuine ministry partners who are taking this Great Commission trip with you, and as a result get their “fraction of the action” cut of the heavenly rewards also!

1.       God Invented Support Raising and Its Incredible Blessings

We have been on support now for almost three decades and many of our closest friends are those individuals and couples who started out supporting us years ago. Thank you Lord for creating this amazing concept called “support raising” for Christian workers. It has provided an awesome “excuse” to stay connected to hundreds of people I probably would have lost touch with. And in the process—I have grown to love, like, even enjoy each and every person along this miraculous journey. And you can too!

2.       Regular Intercession Will Turn Your Heart Toward Your Supporters

Maybe you are viewing support raising as a “necessary evil” and you are forcing yourself to put on a happy face with your donors to make them think you’re glad to see them, when in reality, you are just glad to see their money each month! “Where your treasure is, there is your heart also” is what Matthew 6:21 says. If you start investing time praying by name (and specific requests they’ve given you) for each of your precious ministry partners, I promise you your heart will follow after! Take at least a day a week to make room on your prayer list to lift up your supporters and you will never again view them as “extra baggage” you are forced to bring along on your ministry assignments.

3.       Find Creative Ways to Connect with Supporters in Social Settings

Know your donors admire and respect you. They probably even put you on a pedestal and assume you are always focused on eternal “Kingdom Building” activities morning, noon, and night. As a result, they think you don’t really have time to waste with them—a lowly laymen, slaving away, just trying to survive in this worldly rat race they find themselves in! Believe it or not, most of them would be very receptive (and amazed!) to get time with you. Deep down they yearn to build a friendship with someone who is radically following Christ. Why can’t that be you? Not every supporter will respond to an invite for a BBQ, movie, ball game, or fishing trip—but many will—and love it!

4.       View Your Supporters As Equals

Just as you don’t want your ministry partners to think too highly of you—return the favor! Yes, they may have “important” jobs, be older, wealthier, or seem to have it all together–but, they don’t. None of us do! So, seek out times to connect with them. When you get the chance, look them in the eye, if appropriate call them by their first name, get to know them on a personal basis. Don’t be in awe of them. If you are comfortable with your supporters, they will be comfortable with you. Whether they are above or below you on the socioeconomic scale, don’t define them by their job title or net worth. Treat them as equals. Build a friendship. Ask about their children, hobbies, personal goals, and the ups and downs of life. Kid with them. Laugh a lot. Enjoy them—and let them enjoy you too! In order to have a friend—you must show yourself friendly!

5.       Stick with Your Supporters Over the Long Haul

Take the long look. Are you thinking you might be in ministry for many years to come? If so, diligently build a support team—for life! If you care for your supporters, keep them informed and appreciated, seek to involve them in your life and ministry, they will stick with you clear to eternity! Plus, life has a way of dealing us setbacks, doesn’t it? What an incredible privilege and honor it is to be there to help and pray and listen when one of my supporters gets cancer, has a sick child, or rebellious teenager. “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity” is what Proverbs 17:17 teaches. Ministry partnership is about more than money. It is about people. Real people with real needs.

As you consistently pray, love, serve, and “like” each of your supporters over the years, they will never forget your faithfulness. And deep down, if they sense you really do enjoy them—that will mean so much to them. Especially when they go to be with the Lord, take a look at their heavenly bank account, and realize you were the one doing them a huge favor by inviting them to be on your support team! And like Paul, responding to the support the Philippians were providing him, you can be confident in your motives by declaring, “Not that I seek the gift itself, but I seek for the profit which increases to your account.” (Phil 4:17). Why not make as one of your life goals to populate heaven with a truckload of awesome friends who discovered their “heavenly IRA” was sky high because you risked the relationship by asking them to invest, thus giving them for all eternity a “fraction of the action”?


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