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Christar International has teamed up with Support Raising Solutions (SRS) to bring you an online training course that more than 15,000 other Great Commision workers have used to be spiritually healthy, vision-driven, and fully funded.

Personal support raising is an incredible opportunity to mobilize people to directly engage with the Great Commission and invest in God’s kingdom. Just as the Apostle Paul told the Philippians, you are not asking only for your own needs, but for others’ benefit!
(Phil 4:17)

SRS Foundations

Christar International

Hosted by: Matt Snider

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Step 1: Register for your ministry's SRS Foundations classroom.

Step 2: Receive your login credentials and begin SRS Foundations.

Step 3: Order The God Ask if you haven't received a copy already.

Step 4: Complete the course and download your work to keep with you for your reference. Someone from your ministry will be able to track your progress, to encourage you to finish well.

Overview of SRS Foundations

  • Read The God Ask: A fresh, biblical approach to personal support raising by Steve Shadrach
  • Extensive, guided Bible study
  • Write out your ministry vision and calling
  • Analyze your financial stress, budget, and categories of asks
  • Craft your tools: Contact list, ministry newsletters, and scripts for phone calls, appointments, and asking for referrals

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