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MondayMain Session

Evening Keynote: Resonate with the Great Commission

Dave Patty

TuesdayMorning Gathering

Morning Gathering: A foretaste of things to come

Dave Rofkahr

10:00am Workshops

Culture & Infrastructure 301 | Five Essential Organizational Anchors for MPD

Ellis Goldstein

Coaching 101 | Characteristics and Habits of a Great Coach

Rob Parker

Challenging MPD Environments 201 | Fundraising in Difficult Environments: Nothing is working!

Scott Morton

Organizational Fundraising 101 | Crafting a Strategic Development Plan

Barbara Bowman

PANEL: Strategies to Help Challenging Environments

Erika Foushee, Geri Fuehring, Byron Johnson, Carole Metzger, abbie Uno-Keel

11:30am Workshops

Culture & Infrastructure 101 | Don’t Burnout, Build Out!

Sofia Fernandez

Coaching 301 | Got Questions?

Byron Johnson

Training 201 | How Do I Train Veteran Missionaries?

Joseph Murphy

Organizational Fundraising 201 | Culture Matters!

Chris Winkler

PANEL: Hiring and Readiness

Mark Wilson, Ken Chi, Cori Crawford Van Oss, Michele Davis, Ericka Foushee

Evening Keynote

Evening Keynote: Resonate in Unity

DeNail Sparks

WednesdayMorning Gathering

Morning Gathering: Punch First

Beth Guckenberger

10:00am Workshops

Culture & Infrastructure 301 | Culture Design that Starts in the Mirror

David Robbins

Coaching 201 | Coaching Empowerment and Scaling

Jenn Fortner

Training 301 | Evaluating Training Needs and Impact

Carissa Potter

Challenging Environments 101 | Culturally Contextualized Coaching

Abbie Uno-Keel

Organizational Fundraising Round Table

Barbara Bowman and Chris Winkler

PANEL: Paid vs. Support-Raised Staff

Jeremy Henderson, Mike Osborn, John Patton, Kourtney Street, Joy Roark

11:30am Workshops

Culture & Infrastructure 201 | Leading MPD from the Middle

Jeremy Henderson

Training 101 | Hosting a Support Raising Training

Team from Reliant

Challenging Environments 301 | The Road Less Traveled

DeNail Sparks

Organizational Fundraising 301 | You Have an Audience, Now What?

Joe Michie

PANEL: Aligning Culture

John Patton, Mark Bartek, Erin Bergen, Kourtney Street

Evening Keynote

Evening Keynote: Resonate with the Shepherd’s Voice

Jenn Fortner

ThursdayFinal Morning

Organizational Fundraising Q&A

Barbara Bowman, Joe Michie, Chris Winkler


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