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Evening Main Session

Welcome: Mobilize More

Steve Shadrach

Mobilize More: A Global View

Mary Ho


Morning Main Session

The Generosity Journey

Ellis Goldstein

10:00am Workshops

#SquadGoals: How to Build a Dynamic, Productive and Fun Coaching Team

Tammy Doçi

Is 4 Months a Realistic Expectation?

Callie Buchholtz, Gabe & Nancy Buchholtz, and Corrie Guckenberger

Making MPD Part of the Week

Dave Flynn

Panel: Cultivating a Healthy MPD Culture With Non-Western Staff

Steve D. (moderator), Ken Dady, Royston Koh, and Timm Njuguna

Panel: Increasing Diversity in MPD Leadership: Ethnic, Age, and Gender

DeNail Sparks (moderator), Byron Johnson, Chelsea S, John Wilson

Panel: Leading From the Front

Steve Shadrach (moderator), John Guckenberger, Mutua Mahiaini, Sam Metcalf

11:30am Workshops

Core Components of Your Support Raising Training

Ken Chi

Getting the Right Info to the Right People: The Top Numbers to Track

Ellis Goldstein

Helping Staff Fund Their Latter Years

Mike Osborn & Jean Pederson

MPD Works Anywhere—Challenging the Lie That MPD is for the West

Royston Koh & Timm Njuguna

Organizational Resurrection: Where to Start When Your MPD Culture is Broken?

Jeremy Henderson

Panel: Adapting Coaching to Your Audience

Micah May (moderator), Sofia Fernandez, Matt Melville, Holly Wymore

Evening Main Session

Mobilize More: A Biblical View

Mutua Mahiaini


Morning Main Session

Peter Goes Fishing! Peter Gets Caught!

Scott Morton

10:00am Workshops

Gravitas—Becoming the Spokesperson for a Healthy MPD Culture

Micah May

How to Identify and Recruit Potential Coaches Within Your Organization

Ken Dady

Panel: The Subsidy Debate

Ellis Goldstein (moderator), Sofia Fernandez, Marilyn Gorenflo, Josh Hall

Social Media and Digital Communication: What Ministry Partners Really Want

Ian Hsu

Software—Saving Your Staff and Coaching

Paul Yoder & Callie Buchholtz

Training and Coaching Internationals (non-Americans) in MPD

Scott Morton & Nelson Music

11:30am Workshops

Fundamentals of Coaching

Mark Wilson & Chelsea S.

Major Funding Blindspots in Executive Leadership

Scott Morton

Mobilize More: The Radical Paradigm Shift

Steve Shadrach

MPD Coaching Role-Plays: Scratch Your Head Scenarios

Aaron Babyar & Jenn Fortner

Panel: When to Pay, When to Launch, and When to Fire

John Patton (moderator), Debbie Barron, Kirk Blackwell, Sarah Strickland

Year-End and Special Asks: Burden or Strategic Mobilization Opportunity?

Steve D.

Evening Main Session

Mobilize More: A Historical View

Sam Metcalf


8:30am Workshops

Coaching that Changes Culture

Erika Foushee

Six Ways Guaranteed to Torpedo your MPD Culture

Aaron Babyar & Mark Wilson

Help Your Staff Change the World on a Missionary Budget!

Chris Haas & Tim Howington

Roundtable: Donor Development at next SRLC?

John Patton

The Three Ring Circus: Juggling the Raising of Personal, Project, and Organizational Funds

Steve Shadrach

Thrive: SRS’s New Training for Current Staff

Callie Buchholtz

Morning Main Session

Mobilize More: A Call to Mobilize

Steve Shadrach


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