My Top Five All-Time Supporters

1. Mr. and Mrs. “Out on a Limb” The Randall’s could tell I was impulsive and highly excitable when they met me as a counselor at a boys camp. Later, when I went to this mature, godly couple to explain my new ministry to college students and ask them to give, I’m sure they detected how many holes there were in my half-baked plans, inflated goals, and unrealistic budget. But, in spite of my inexperience and “over the top” salesmanship, they quietly handed me a significant check to help launch my ministry. They went out on a limb and took […]

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Confession Time: My Top Five Mistakes in Support Raising

1. I prayed too lightly WHY oh why do I not pray more?! When I pray…I see God work. When I don’t pray…it seems like His blessings dry up. So, why do I not pray more? I guess I am just a fool. To think I can plan my work and work my plan without bathing “the before, during, and after” in prayer is the height of arrogance and pride and shows precisely where my security is—in myself, instead of God.  If I choose to sacrifice time in the prayer closet because I am supposedly too busy, I am literally […]

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The Top Five Joys of Support Raising

As a high school quarterback, I led the whole city of Dallas in two impressive stats: number of interceptions and number of times sacked! I was mainly to blame for our bust of a season because I would get so nervous, and my hands would shake so badly, that I developed a ritual of fumbling the first snap of every game! So terrified of messing up, I would literally sweat through my bed sheets the night before each game! The strange thing was after I got pummeled on that opening play, the game day jitters were behind me—and I was […]

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The Top Five Verses in Support Raising

The Bible. A book by and from God. His mind, His heart. Read and learn what the Lord has to say about this idea of living and ministering on support: Nehemiah 2:1-9The young cupbearer went face-to-face with King Artaxerxes, the world’s most powerful man, to ask him to support his ministry project. Nehemiah carefully planned and prayed; and when the moment of truth came, he risked everything! Not only was he sensitive to God’s leading and the King’s questions, but he had the courage to make his request—then “zip the lip”—and let the King answer. You gotta’ love it! Luke […]

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The Top Five Myths in Support Raising

Definition of a myth: a widely held but mistaken belief 1. It takes everyone 12-24+ months—On one side of the road stand the naïve who unrealistically proclaim they can “knock out” their support in four weeks or less. There’s a much larger crowd, though, stuck in the other ditch, pessimistically “digging in for the long haul,” and predicting it will be a protracted and difficult journey. These folks heeded the horror stories of others who spent 2-3 years raising support. Don’t let those tapes play in your mind. Instead, trust God, work smarter and harder, and set a new “norm” […]

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The Top Five Fears in Support Raising

Fears. We’ve all got ‘em. Some of us are willing to admit it; some of us aren’t. Author Larry Crabb in When Fear Seems Overwhelming writes that most of us live our lives based upon our fears. We move toward those things that are safe and comfortable and run from and avoid those things that are scary and intimidating. I don’t read his stuff though; it’s mainly for men in denial and that, of course, doesn’t apply to me! As believers, we have an enemy who uses fear to discourage and even destroy us if possible. The question isn’t IF […]

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Back to the Basics: How to Recession-Proof Your Finances

Well, the title is a misnomer. We never totally “recession-proof” anything. I’m sure Job felt very safe and secure until disaster wiped him out. In fact, if I get arrogant about how “recession-proof” my finances are, I might find the God I’m supposedly serving actually opposing me! 1 Peter 5:5b: “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Hmmm…God vs. my so-called financial “security?” God wins every time! If one ditch is pride, the other one is denial. Some Christian workers don’t attempt to understand or track with the national economy, financial trends, or even personal […]

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Three Ways Support Raising Might Just “Ruin” Your Life

One of my responsibilities is to help oversee the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Study Program. This 15 week class in 210+ locations around the U.S. (plus 27 countries!) helps lay people, students, and yes, even Christian workers understand God’s heart for the nations and their most strategic role in completing the Great Commission. Over the years as I’ve interacted with a number of our 80,000 alumni, I’ve heard them say, “Perspectives ruined my life!” Normally, I would grieve and console them, but they offered their statement with a smile on their face and joy in their heart! When […]

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Is It Really More Blessed To Give Than It Is To Receive?

Some Christian workers view support raising as a feel-good movie with a happy ending, but others see it more like a horror film—maybe a combination of “The Perfect Storm” and “Jaws!” For them, living on support is like being lost at sea in a tiny lifeboat being ravaged by huge killer waves, about to be thrown overboard any moment. And instead of seeing potential givers as friends and ministry partners, they eye them with fear and suspicion—as if they were circling and blood-thirsty sharks anxious to devour them. Wow. Can you say… “paranoia?” But for most of us, perception is […]

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Successful Support Raising In a Suffering Economy

What’s a support-raising Christian worker to do when things get so bad it’s more appropriate to spell it ickonomy rather than economy?! Should you do the “security shuffle,” scrambling to interview for church staff or secular positions? Afraid not. They’re slashing budgets and employees too! Yes, some of your donors’ 401K’s turned into 201K’s overnight, but God is still in control, and clinging to the six pillars I list below may help you weather the financial tornadoes intent upon wreaking havoc on the economy…and our support teams! 1. Review your calling Go back and remember when and how God led […]

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