Flooding the nations with spiritually
healthy, vision-driven, fully funded,
Great Commission workers

It’s time to step out in faith. God is calling you to serve and He has called us to help you get to your ministry assignment quickly and fully funded. Below is what we are calling believers to and what we equip them to be:

Be Spiritually Healthy

  • Acknowledges God as owner and supplier of all things
  • Believes they are a child of God, worthy of support
  • Thrives in their relationship with Jesus
  • Balances support raising with life and ministry
  • Seeks to win and build others in Christ

Be Vision Driven

  • Honors God by the magnitude of their requests
  • Pursues their greatest passion
  • Views money as a tool to advance the Kingdom
  • Embraces a wartime lifestyle
  • Ties ministry to touching whole world for Christ

Be Fully Funded

  • Appreciates supporters as investing partners
  • Believes there is power in asking
  • Commits to maximizing fruitfulness of family and ministry
  • Continues growing quantity and quality of support team

If this is your desire as well, let’s get started and take this journey together.


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